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Lecture at the Oncology Research Meeting

Marthe delivered a lecture entitled ‘Glycobiology: the study of sugars in health and disease’ at the Oncology Research Meeting at the University Medical Center Groningen. With an audience with diverse [...]

Stratingh Seminar by Justin Ragains

We hosted Justin Ragains from the Louisiana State University for a department seminar. He gave an inspiring lecture on photochemistry and carbohydrates. Check out his website:

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Late-Stage Modification of Aminoglycoside Antibiotics Overcomes Bacterial Resistance Mediated by APH(3') Kinases (Minnaard, Herrmann) @StratinghInst @ZernikeInst #openaccess


We organize the 3rd Single-Molecule Protein Sequencing Conference – in Delft, Netherlands, 31/10-3/11 2022.

This will be awesome: our dream list of invited speakers, superb cutting-edge science in a fantastic historic setting.

Register now:



Opinie in de ⁦@volkskrant⁩ namens ruim 300 wetenschappers, 14 Rectores Magnifici van de Nederlandse universiteiten ⁦@devsnu⁩ en alle decanen geneeskunde: Kamer en media, bestrijd ondermijning van de wetenschap door politici

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