Chemical Glycobiology research group of Prof. M.T.C. Walvoort

at the Stratingh Institute for Chemistry – University of Groningen (the Netherlands)


45. Ferrari, M.; Hameleers, L.; Stuart, M.C.A.; Oerlemans, M.M.P.; de Vos, P.; Jurak, E.; Walvoort, M.T.C.* (2021) ‘Efficient isolation of membrane-associated exopolysaccharides of four commercial bifidobacterial strains’ Carbohydrate PolymersWeb

44. Lucas, F.L.R.; Versloot, R.C.A.; Yakovlieva, L.; Walvoort, M.T.C.; Maglia, G. (2021) ‘Protein identification by nanopore peptide profiling’ Nature Communications, vol. 12, no. 1, p. 1-9 Web

43. Yakovlieva, L., Fülleborn, J., Walvoort, M.T.C.* (2021) ‘Opportunities and challenges of bacterial glycosylation for the development of novel antibacterial strategies’ Frontiers in MicrobiologyWeb

42. Marinus, N.; van Dijk, J.H.M.; Walvoort, M.T.C.; Witte, M.D.; Minnaard, A.J. (2021) ‘Chapter 16: Regioselective palladium catalyzed oxidation at C-3 of methyl glucoside’ Carbohydrate Chemistry: Proven Synthetic Methods, vol. 5, Eds. Kosma, Wrodnigg, Stütz.

41. Yakovlieva, L., Ramirez-Palacios, C., Marrink, S.J., Walvoort, M.T.C.* (2021) ‘Semiprocessive hyperglycosylation of adhesin by bacterial protein N-glycosyltransferases’ ACS Chemical Biology, vol. 16, no. 1, p. 165-175 Web

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News from our lab

607, 2021

Liubov defended her thesis!

1006, 2021

Marthe gives the opening lecture at the Summer Course Glycoscience

804, 2021

Zeynep gives a lightning talk at the ACS Spring symposium

104, 2021

Marthe is promoted to Associate Professor

503, 2021

Stella defended her thesis!

2112, 2020

Marthe becomes a member of the ACS Chemical Biology Early Career Board

2011, 2020

Michela gave a project pitch at the virtual MCGS symposium

1211, 2020

Liubov presented a poster at the Society for Glycobiology conference

511, 2020

Vincent delivered a pitch at the annual CRCG PhD Day

1509, 2020

Marthe gave a lecture at the KNG